Residential block Dockland, Stockholm, Sweden


The project was building of a new four-storey residential building in Stockholm with self-supporting frame constructions of precast reinforced concrete and metal. Skonto Prefab carried out design, production, delivery and assembly of precast reinforced concrete and steel structures. The project consisted of cavity slabs, massive and filigree covering slabs, columns, beams, stairs, stair blocks, solid walls and half-sandwich type walls.
The biggest challenge was to combine modern construction with the building's external walls built in 1950s, that had to be integrated into the new constructions. This was successfully fulfilled, meeting all the architectural requirements.

Implementation period: 2015
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Works performed: Design, production, delivery and assembly
Products and Systems: Hollow core slabs, filigree slabs, massive slabs, massive walls, sandwich walls, columns and beams, balconies, stairs, railings and landings and steel structures