Residential block Alphyddan, Stockholm, Sweden


Alphyddan or The Bronze acquired this name due to its glittering facades, and is located in Bromma, western part of Stockholm. The project consists of three new six-storey residential buildings with 125 apartments and an underground parking. The total area of the project is 8900 m2.
The architecture of the buildings is not complicated, but it has a very elegant appearance - the façade consists of stainless steel plates that shine in various shades of bronze. Also, the project includes French balconies and terraces. Skonto Prefab built precast reinforced concrete load-bearing frame for these buildings. Also, the project consists of cavity slabs, filigree and massive slabs, columns, beams, stairs and solid walls. Skonto Prefab designed, manufactured, delivered and assembled precast concrete structures that later in the building were combined with light wooden frame walls.

Location: Sweden, Bromma
Implementation period: 2016
Works performed: Design, production, delivery and assembly
Products and Systems: Hollow core slabs, filigree slabs, massive slabs, massive walls, balconies, stairs, railings and landings, steel structures as beams and columns.